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A Bee theme…

A Bee theme...

I noticed a bit of a bee theme developing in a couple of houses on Lister Road! My Dad was a bee-keeper so I always appreciate seeing a bee or two in my garden and the front garden of this house is being very encouraging to our bee population – very impressive installation – really like it!


Although not visible from the outside, this is a piece completed for the Leytonstone Arts Trail that grows along the walls of the house inside and helps fill Leytonstone with Art!

Hope you enjoy the video

A drawing made as part of the Leytonstone arts trail over a period of about 2 weeks spending  40 hours drawing, the piece is an unplanned organic drawing in Ink and tea which explores floral forms. Drawn in fountain pen ink and painted with various types of tea, specifically chai, Rooibos, blackcurrant & nettle and camomile vanilla & honey. The artwork references plants from both the front and rear of the house

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