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John Cryer MP in the window

John Cryer MP in the window

It could be art!
Just had a nice chat with our local MP in my back garden, about funding for the Arts (amongst other things)… and how grassroots organisations can help create jobs with a bit of local funding help!
He was very interested – and supportive so that is all good!

Go to the house behind the bush…

Go to the house behind the Bush...

Open House today 14th July in Stanmore Road as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail

Home is where…

Home is where...

…the Art is!
The House behind the famous Stanmore Road Bush will be opening it’s doors this coming weekend as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail. So more people will be tramping the Streets of Bushwood on the lookout for art – so what will you put in your window or garden?

Yarn bombing in Ferndale Road

Yarn bombing in Ferndale Road

What you can do with plastic string and bottle tops – impressive!

Spotted the first window art of 2013!

Spotted the first window art of 2013!

Lovely cheerful work on Bushwood – the sun is definitely out in this house!
Thanks for getting Lets Fill started for 2013… What more is to come?

…and here was what they did!

...and here was what they did!

These were all lined up along their window ledge – toys as art – and why not – Brilliant!

Hoping for more interesting stuff from these guys this year!

Hoping for more interesting stuff from these guys this year!

Just dropped a poster into their house and heard that they had searched the site to see if I had put anything up about them! Well I was slow to upload pictures as ever but as they are so keen I thought I would feature them now. I will also show the interesting installation on their window ledge in the next post!

Let’s Fill posters available to download

Posters are below – Print them out, share with friends, make some art, and stick it in your windows!!  – You’re now a part of Let’s Fill 2013 🙂

Lets Fill flyer 2013 (pdf)

Lets Fill Poster 2013 (word doc)

The end of all that was 2012

IMG_0264 (Small)

So the Michael Road shark spent most of the Olympics and the summer chomping on it’s rings! Our Olympic year is now only to reminisce about. Let the 2013 Let’s Fill event commence…

It’s that time of year again…

I have been into my photos from 2012 and sorted them out – You can now see them in the 2012 gallery!!


What a year it was – the Olympics featured heavily in many of the exhibits around the area in celebration of an incredible event… It all seems like a bit of a dream now.  So I have found a suitable photo to post as a reminder!  This was a really popular installation in a garden in Bushwood.  As we won more events the bicycle tyre Olympic rings became festooned with medals.  What a creative way to celebrate our Olympic successes!

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