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A Bee theme…

A Bee theme...

I noticed a bit of a bee theme developing in a couple of houses on Lister Road! My Dad was a bee-keeper so I always appreciate seeing a bee or two in my garden and the front garden of this house is being very encouraging to our bee population – very impressive installation – really like it!

All set to win the Tour de France again?


As it is the weekend where we might have the second Tour de France winner in two years, I just had to share this picture with you from the cycling fans in Woodville Road. You can get inspiration from any source – Great picture!

Barclay Road are keen!

Barclay Road are keen!

This house is fast up with the art every year – I love what they do!
I reckon the whole family must get involved. Whilst I was taking this photo someone walked by and said I love “Lets Fill Leytonstone with Art” it makes me smile every year – me too! 😉

The Leytonstone Arts Trail has ended but “Let’s Fill” carries on…


John Cryer MP in the window

John Cryer MP in the window

It could be art!
Just had a nice chat with our local MP in my back garden, about funding for the Arts (amongst other things)… and how grassroots organisations can help create jobs with a bit of local funding help!
He was very interested – and supportive so that is all good!

Go to the house behind the bush…

Go to the house behind the Bush...

Open House today 14th July in Stanmore Road as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail

Home is where…

Home is where...

…the Art is!
The House behind the famous Stanmore Road Bush will be opening it’s doors this coming weekend as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail. So more people will be tramping the Streets of Bushwood on the lookout for art – so what will you put in your window or garden?

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