Let’s Fill Leytonstone with Art – the 2020 Poster

This years poster is dedicated to Flash Bristow who was a friend of the Leytonstone Arts Trail for many years. She sadly passed away some months ago.
She was a real community player and a particular champion for disability rights, often being interviewed by the media when they wanted to talk about access issues. She admired pylons and set up the “Pylon Appreciation Society” (and yes… there is such a thing).
She was on the organising committee for the Leytonstone Arts Trail in it’s early days and then went on to curate art exhibitions in the little free gallery known as “Slate”; once situated in the window of Leytonstone Library alongside the “Stone Space”.
She decorated her window many times as part of the “Let’s Fill” project. The photo on this years poster is the last time she put art in her window. Thanks for all your enthusiasm Flash – you are missed!

Do download and print off the poster to help us publicise the “Let’s Fill” Project. We look forward to seeing what you put in your windows and gardens this year – Thanks for your support!

We need rainbows in our lives…

We have brought forward the 2020 Lets Fill Leytonstone with Art project as part of the rainbows project which is going on throughout the country and maybe the world. Rainbows are being put in peoples windows as a symbol of hope during the time of the spread of the coronavirus. We don’t know if we will be able to run the Leytonstone Arts Trail this year so we felt this is something else that would brighten peoples lives in this very difficult time. So go for it – wherever you are in the world. Draw/ paint/ collage/mosaic – whatever – just make a rainbow and put it in your window! Thanks xxx

Here is the beginning of my window rainbow 🙂

Every year a family on Leyspring Road do some really creative installations – this was last years one! It changed throughout the summer…

Lets Fill Poster 2019

LetsFill Poster2019

At last!

The “Let’s Fill” Poster for 2018


Click on the link above to download – Thanks and start Filling Leytonstone with Art!

Art is appearing!


2017 Let’s Fill Poster

Help us to promote “Let’s Fill Leytonstone with Art”

Download the poster here and put it in your window:  Flyer 2017


Boom Pow Crash – nearly time to put your art in your windows or your gardens!


2016 Poster

Please download and put up in your windows!

We still have some artworks on display in people's windows from 2015 - this one still looks as good as new and it sums up the welcoming spirit of Leytonstone. All bright and cheery!

Hello to the 2016 episode of Let’s Fill Leytonstone With Art!

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